Project stuck on ¨Starting" Screen

When I go to open my project in a new window or the preview pane it says waking up and then goes to starting screen but never starts.

Hi @PotassiumG7

Does your project have a front end like an index.html? If not, the project preview may only show Starting because there is nothing to be served to a live site. This is common for bot projects.

If you project does have a front end and it won’t load, then let us know the project name and we can help you further. If you prefer to share this info privately, you can send us a support request.

that means u have a giant package inside of your web app try just using json in the index.html and see what will happen idk if it works but its worth a try

How do I put the json in the index.html

i honestly dont really know u gotta get a professional to tell u that good luck

but u could try json+td

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