Project Suspended due to "bad behaviour"?


Decided to visit this game ( I built a while ago on Glitch, and found out it’s been suspended:

“project the-noun-game suspended: Bad behavior detected. If you feel this has been an error, contact us at

There is no explanation of what this “bad behaviour” entails, nor did I get any kind of email/notification of my project getting suspended. So I have no idea why or for how long this has been going on. Care to shed some light?



Hi @vanessayuenn, welcome to the Glitch Forums!

Back in April we received notice of a complaint filed with AWS that a Glitch host was calling the Noun Project’s API in a way that was “unwelcome, disruptive, or excessive”. We implemented some logic to alleviate the issue and was impacted by our actions.

I suspect that some projects were exceeding the Noun Project’s API limitations, listed here. If you’re interested in working to resolve that issue in your project we’d be happy to work with you to achieve that but it will take a little effort on our part. Let me know if you’d like to pursue that and we’ll get to work on our end.


Hi @cori, thanks for getting back to me. It would be great to get my app online again. I did a quick check to see my Noun Project’s API usage, and it’s far from exceeding the limits (I have the 50000/month call limit plan).

Please let me know how I can help to resolve this.


Hi again @vanessayuenn; the next step on this problem is on our end. I’ll work with the team to get this resolved for you and we’ll see how it goes once your project is reinstated and will work with you and the Noun Project team to resolve any additional issues that come up.

I’ll let you know when we’ve reinstated your project, and my apologies for the inconvenience!


Hey @vanessayuenn I apologize for the delay; we’ve completed the work we needed to do to reinstate your project and I’ve unsuspended it and it seems to be running fine.

Please let us know if you run into further problems, and I thank you for your patience, and for bringing this back to our attention.

Happy Glitching!


Thank you @cori & team for all the help!