Project Suspended falsely (exceeding disk space?)

My project kept having issues of failing to run because of sharp npm being installed incorrectly, so today i tried to fix it by reinstalling. I ran the command npm install --verbose sharp, which completed perfectly fine. However I ran npm install sharp next to make sure the installation worked (because previously I installed sharp and the whole thing was working, but then it broke on its own so I wanted to make sure installation was correct this time).

However, when I ran npm install sharp, my console disconnected. When I refreshed I got this message:
“Project kotori-v1-backup-2-29-20 suspended: You exceeded the disk space limit on node_modules. If you feel this has been an error, contact us at

On my project page it now says this:

Please tell me if my project can be unsuspended. The project name is: kotori-v1-backup-2-29-20

If I did somehow violate the TOS in any way, I am very sorry. Please give me a chance to at least recover the code from my project.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @3chospirits, calm down, it’s just a matter of disk space. Email and they’ll help you out and unsuspend your project!

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Thank you, I’ll do that right now!