Project suspended for exceeding node_modules space


If there are some admins around, I’ve gotten myself into the peculiar situation of having my project suspended for exceeding the node_modules allocated space.

How ? Honestly, I’m unsure about that. I’ve just implemented a system which pulls from my git rep everytime there is an update and in the update commands, there was npm install followed by a refresh.

This may have the undesirable effect of installing twice the same packages or something similar (inefficient package managing ?) causing the node_modules size to skyrocket until my project got suspended.

Important : The node_modules folder on my computer is only about 190mb, quite away from the 1GB space limit. I think if an admin could clear it, the installation shouldn’t surpass the allocated size limit again.

Question 1 : Could it be possible to have my node_modules folder be cleared so I can implement a fix ?
Question 2 : Will the refresh command be enough to install any package that was added after the git pull ? I was initially executing npm install because I was thinking that refresh would only synchronize the editor with the console. But I saw that it was also triggering a package installation.

Thanks a lot.

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