Project suspended for "No Miners allowed"

Well, I get this message with my project arden-sidico. Which is not a miner, is just scraping and saving data from a website one hour apart from five of my clients

Hi, I got the same message for my project woolen-farmer. I used this project to learn scraping, it was scraping from youtube and periodically saving data. Is that forbidden ?

Hey @ElBort and @ZacBouh, welcome to the Glitch forum!

It sounds like your projects have been caught up in some work we’ve done recently to mitigate some misbehavior on Glitch. We’re sorry for the inconvenience but for the time being these projects will have to remain suspended until we’re able to find a more targeted solution to the issue, and right now we can’t say when that might be.

Thanks for reporting the issues, which may help us determine a different approach.

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I hope this problems end soon :frowning:
Thanks @cori for the quick answer

@cori thanks for the fast answer. Is it possible to know what process are currently restricted, I just opened a second project (breezy-teacher) but it got suspended with the same message just a few minutes after starting it .

Thanks for your help

Hey folks, the most commonly-used process that we’re blocking right now is puppeteer, so there’s a pretty good chance that that’s what your projects are running afoul of.

We’re continuing to watch the situation closely and don’t have a timeline for when we might unblock that or any other currently-blocked processes, or indeed if we will unblock them at all; we’re sorry for the inconvenience.

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