Project Suspended for Violating TOS

My project keeps getting suspended for “violating terms of service”. I have no clue why, I read over the terms of service and I’m not violating anything. I tried emailing support but got no response after a week. Please let me know, as I literally purchased boost just for this project.

consider the following:

  1. was your memory high?
  2. did it contain explicit content?
  3. did it threaten user’s safety?
  1. No, and even if it was, I boosted the project so I kind of would want to use the memory I paid for
  2. No, there was no explicit content
  3. I don’t see how it could possibly threaten user safety. It’s literally a website that gives you trivia answers.

Contact to appeal.

hmmm, did it use copyrighted content?

Turns out HQ Trivia thought I “violated their copyright” and asked glitch to take my site down. I did get a reply for support, for some reason my email client didn’t see it. My bad. I don’t blame glitch for this.

well, i suppose you should redo the project and use uncopyrighted content

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Would rather not risk it. My website was an answer service that gave answers for HQ Trivia. I suppose I could remove all answers and questions and just give the predicted answer and pretend it was unrelated but whatever. Not worth the hassle. Just going to never put up the site again. It’s just a BS claim from HQ Trivia because they’re too lazy to actually ban real cheaters, but whatever.

there is always quiz starters on glitch