Project with all files are missing

my project with all codes is found to be missing,

I had already checked the deleted projects.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Hello and welcome @developers-zone if your file was deleted trying to rewind the project at a previous time.

Okay. Thanks for the response.

But I can’t see the project anywhere. Can you please help me out.

Hi @developers-zone,

I’m not seeing a project or custom domain with that name. Is there another Glitch project name it may be listed under?

Also, what is the username/glitch account you would expect this project to be linked with?

Hai @tasha

I can’t able to find out those files now. This is linked with the user sujithsamv and the URL is also the same It has subfolders with streamfm, youtube, etc.

Please let me know if I can provide you with any additional details.

@developers-zone, our system is not showing anything under that name for a project or user. It is possible that someone with access to the project changed the project name and username?

Under the developers-zone account, I do see two projects in the deleted section with the word “sam” in them. Is this related to the project you are looking for?

@tasha, Thanks. The project was renamed and I just reverted it back.

Thanks again for the support.