Project wont go to sleep

After 5 minutes of no use my project “sleeps” but instead of sleeping it freezes. Why?

ran into this too back in 2022 jun. last message from support on the topic was to the effect of “Nothing super obvious is standing out to me this time looking at the logs.”

I later worked around it by converting it to a plain static site and running the build manually in the project terminal

Sorry for not replying for so long. How do I convert my site? Couldn’t find anything.

I had to change the build process to output into /app instead of /app/build. my stuff was all custom, so it was pretty straightforward. I don’t know if it’s harder to do for react.

you’ll have to make sure it doesn’t delete your source files when it builds.

also you’ll have to use /opt/nvm/… to run node, because glitch won’t put it in your PATH for you.


Thanks a lot!

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