Project won't load, stalling

Hi, I am having trouble trying to load my project at: [just removing link to console here and keeping the project name connections-in-sound glitch support]

Can you help restarting it?

Thank you,

Hi @rootseire,

I’m sorry that your project isn’t loading! I tried a couple things and was not able to get it going again. I’ll ask the team for help. I’ll give you an update once we get it loading again.

Thanks Tasha, I’ve tried it a few times and tried other apps that are working, it seems to be something to do with the changes I made on console

i am having this same issue aswell. pls help

Hey @J-Tech-Foundation

What is the name of your project that is not loading?

mine also not working

@anon6347983 What is the name of the project that you are having problems with, providing the name makes it easier for glitch staff to resolve this issue sooner!

Hi, thanks for the response. The project is called “connections-in-sound”

Hi, still no luck with this project, it stalls when I try to access the editor:!/connections-in-sound?path=script.js:1:0

hi @rootseire - sorry your project got stuck, I have the team looking into this now and will let you know when it’s working again!

ok @rootseire i’m back! so your project has many files it - so many that the editor is getting stuck trying to generate the sidebar file tree to list all of them properly, which is what’s causing the project’s editor view to be stuck on the loading screen. i talked to the team who works on the editor and they said that while they have plans to update the filetree to be able to handle as many files as your project has, that will not be in the short term.

in the meantime, your best bet is to try working on your project using our vs code plugin, which lets you edit glitch apps using the vs code editor, which may better handle projects of your size:

Excellent, thanks Jenn

Hi @rootseire,

I was checking on your project and it appears to be loading again without issue. If you are still having trouble getting your project to load, please let me know!

Hi Tasha, thanks for replying, yes it is loading again but I started the project anew in the meantime. I went without PHP and it works just as good. Thank you, Patrick

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