Project wont refresh no matter what I do

No matter what I do my project will not refresh, Auto-refresh it enabled. I have tried…

  • Typing ‘refresh’ in the terminal
  • Editing package.sjon and package-lock.json

The only thing that I can do to refresh my project is to wait x amount of time for the project to sleep then wake up or kill the project using code that is currently running (process.exit()).
Can someone please help! Ive tried waiting a few hours and it still continues!

My project:

How about:

npm cache clean --force && rm -rf node_modules/ && rm package-lock.json && refresh


sadly that did not work…

Does the same happen in incognito mode or with another browser ?

yes, I tried exporting it to a git hub then importing it and now the project page wont even load. Im afraid Ill have to wait till monday for support.

You can try to remix (fork/copy) your project.

I had a problem with a project, the editor wouldn’t load. I remixed (forked) it, and got the editor working again.

I ended up doing this but I feel this shouldnt happen at all, you know?

I had something similar happen when I filled up all of the disc space, if you still have it try running


in the terminal

The project seems to have went back to normal after multiple hours (at least 5), I didnt get the chance to test this to see if this worked.

This just happened to my remixed project today… this really needs to be fixed.

Running killall node seems to have fixed this, it restarted all my node processes and my project went back to functioning regularly.

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