Project won't start, logs say "Initializing node_modules, hold on..."


One of my projects won’t start, I opened the logs panel and it just says “Initializing node_modules, hold on…”

The project is



Sorry to hear that - I took a look but couldn’t see an obvious cause so I’ve referred it to our dev team to take a closer look. Will update when we have more info.


Thanks. I’ve got another app that is 99% the same code but that one is working ok.


Yeah don’t worry - it was us, not you. Should be fixed now!


Yes it’s working now. Thanks for your help!


Hi, the same thing has happened again - the app is not starting and the logs say “Initializing node_modules, hold on…”


Hi! Did it happen on the same project?


Yes, sorry forgot to mention it was the same project


We’re sorry to hear that. I just unblocked the project again. We’ll investigate on the underlying issue too! Sorry for the inconvenience :frowning:


Thanks it’s working again.