Project wont start (sqlite?)


So im getting a lot of errors with my project, things like;

WARN discord.js@11.4.2 requires a peer of bufferutil@^3.0.3 but none was installed.


ERROR ENOENT: no such file or directory, chmod ‘/rbd/pnpm-volume/d65fc766-9a48-49bb-8189-92d3e12ab22b/node_modules/node/bin/node’


Error: Cannot find module ‘/rbd/pnpm-volume/d65fc766-9a48-49bb-8189-92d3e12ab22b/node_modules/’

When i run the command that usually fixes these kinds of problems (enable-pnpm) it still errors.

These are the full logs right after running the command (enable-pnpm)


Hey @SammyWhamy we had some technical difficulties a little bit ago that could have affected your project. Can I ask you to run enable-pnpm in your project’s console one more time to see if your project was caught up in all of that and if that resolves the issue?

Sorry for the bother!


Just did that, same errors again:


Can you share your project name so someone can take a closer look? Or at least the contents of your package.json file?


Yeah sure, the project name is: official-chinobot

This is the package file in case you cant access it from the project:

“name”: “Bot”,
“version”: “1.0.0”,
“description”: “”,
“main”: “index.js”,
“scripts”: {
“start”: “node MyBot.js”
“keywords”: ,
“author”: “”,
“license”: “MIT”,
“dependencies”: {
@babel/runtime”: “^7.2.0”,
“aniwrapper”: “^1.0.1”,
“axios”: “^0.18.0”,
“canvas”: “^2.3.1”,
“canvas-node”: “^0.3.20”,
“cron”: “^1.6.0”,
“discord-economy”: “^1.1.6”,
“discord.js”: “^11.4.2”,
“discordeco.js”: “^0.5.0”,
“express”: “^4.16.4”,
“ffmpeg”: “^0.0.4”,
“ffmpeg-binaries”: “^4.0.0”,
“fortnite”: “^4.2.2”,
“fs”: “^0.0.2”,
“google-translate-api”: “^2.3.0”,
“jpeg-turbo”: “^0.4.0”,
“kitsu-core”: “^6.4.0”,
“mal-scraper”: “^2.4.5”,
“ms”: “^2.1.1”,
“node”: “^11.10.0”,
“node-cron”: “^2.0.3”,
“node-kitsu”: “^1.1.1”,
“node-opus”: “^0.3.1”,
“node-osu”: “^1.3.2”,
“node-sqlite3”: “^0.0.3”,
“osu-api”: “^0.0.3”,
“pluralize”: “^7.0.0”,
“pubg-api-redis”: “^3.7.0”,
“qr-cairo”: “^0.0.8”,
“react-tenor”: “^1.1.0”,
“request”: “^2.88.0”,
“superagent”: “^4.0.0”,
“time”: “^0.12.0”,
“util”: “^0.11.1”,
“ytdl”: “^0.11.1”,
“ytdl-core”: “^0.29.0”,
“sqlite”: “^3.0.2”,
“sqlite3”: “^4.0.6”,
“windows-build-tools”: “^5.1.0”,
“node-gyp”: “^3.8.0”


Ok, at least one problem is that you’re including node as a dependency. That confuses things and can get pnpm all gummed up in recursive package resolution. First thing I’d suggest is to remove that from your dependencies property and running enable-pnpm again.


Did that, definitely changed a lot of things, but it didn’t fix it, here’s the new error log:


It hasn’t gotten fixed yet, do you have any more ideas on what i could do?


remove node-gyp from the package.json aswell, and tell me if that helps in any way!


Thanks a lot!
That fixed it for me


Your welcome! Glad I could be of assistance :smile: