Project works on computer but crashes on phone/tablet

The following works on my computer, but crashes chrome and safari on my iPhone/iPad:

The scene initially loads, but then refreshes before completely bricking, I could really use a hint in understanding what is causing it and any potential fixes

It maybe due to the huge amounts of data-packets your website is sending, specifically the visitor counter.

Chrome on a computer can handle it, but only marginally. My browser was lagging super hard when I clicked on that link.

Mobile/Tablets are even weaker, so they crash. You may want to check your .js files.

Feedback: The website looks super cool though!

I don’t think bandwidth has to do with it, its more that 3d models use a lot of computing power. I’m sorry, but there really isn’t a whole lot OP can do about this, its just that, well, computers don’t last very long these days.


Thanks for the replies, gave me some things to think about.

I’m thinking there’s something going on with it not caching properly, only one file is displayed at a time, and if I lowered the total number it cycles through down to 100 it runs smoothly on my iPhone again. This may ultimately be a babylon forum question.

Tip: chrome doesn’t use the chromium rendering engine on ios, it uses WKWebView since apple doesn’t allow third party rendering engines.

Taking a look at your project, I’m not sure why safari would fail to load the project unless their webgl api isn’t working properly. Your resources should be able to load and your memory usage is fine.

Source: DevTools with Performance Monitor and Network open

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