Projects Are Slow

Whenever I add a file, change the name of a file or delete a file it takes several seconds to update and the project even freezes up, could someone help me fix this or is it out of my control?

Where you modifying these files via the editor or the console?

If it was the editor I’d say that’s out of your control but also rarely an issue. It may have been related to the spike in API response times Glitch experienced today:

Modifying files via the console always requires the project to restart/refresh which can induce a brief lag to the editor so maybe that was it?

I’m using the editor

Is it still happening and if so, is it just one project or is it happening across multiple projects?

It’s only happening on one of my projects…

I’d reach out to and ask them to hard reset your project or move it to another virtual machine. This sounds like an issue with one particular Glitch machine and they can quickly get to the bottom of that.

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