Projects based on npm atlas-connect?

I noticed that glitch can have a lot to do with npm.

It is also observable that when I append package.json.dependencies with “atlas-connect”: “0.7.0” the terminal will output

$ atlas-connect -V

Therefore I assume glitch could work with it.
I did not yet execute the next step: atlas-connect new -t jira jira-getting-started

I would like to ask, how do I find out, if anyone else created a project based on atlas-connect?
So that I could remix it.

In the gallery view I could not find anything that looks like atlas-connect or jira or atlassian!

It is hard to believe that I were the first who wants to do the jira-app tutprial on Glitch.

Hey @matjung,

Once you are in the website, you can use the search bar found in the top right corner of the website for searching projects that might match your query.

Hope this helps!

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Did not find anything that looks similar.
I tried that tutorial myself. And failed.
Not enough storage around for all the required node dependencies.

There is a Glitch Enterprise?

No, I was actually referring to the $10/month tier.

I think they are the same tier, but billed differently.
$8/month (billed annually/$96 yearly)
$10/month (billed monthly/$120 yearly)

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