Projects doesn't loading

All my projects doesn’t loading. If i go to the editor i have a ERROR. How? and why?

Can you post the exact error here? Or does it just say ‘ERROR’? This will help us identify the problem :slight_smile:



Glitch had an outage a few hours ago, maybe that’s the problem, You can type in the console refresh, try it.

Where can i find the console? If i click on Go from idea to code in seconds.[Try the editor] Go to edit (

This is what i see ^

If i reload the page it doesn’t work.

Try to clear your cache.

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Doesn’t work @okboomer1234321 :frowning:

In that case you should just email and they can assist you there.

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Thx its working @okboomer1234321 !

Sorry i don’t know for that cache i had search it on youtube and now its working!