Projects gets rolled back and pictures got deleted

I noticed it multible times today.

No idea if it have something to do with your performance problem, but this should be fixed fast.

I uploded pictures, changed multiple files and switched projects.
After some time projects gets rollback and all the changes are LOST.
not only the code is rolled back. the uploaded pictures got deleted.
sorry but this is a no go. i think u should really check ur save machanic. auto-save is okey, but let the user now if it got really really saved or just fake saved.

Sorry to hear you lost your work. We’re working on an issue where the back-end loses sync with the front-end and the fact that it’s no longer saving isn’t communicated. As you suggest this is a top priority for us, so we hope to get this nasty issue resolved as soon as possible.


Got bitten by presumably this bug in project sun-skinner last night. :frowning:

Any workaround ideas, like a way to force a sync before, say, inviting a new collaborator or starting some tricky refactoring?

I haven’t touched the project since I noticed the problem in hopes that the lost work is recoverable. Shall I give up on that hope now and start recreating the changes the best I can remember?

Sorry to hear that! I’ve encountered this before too, very frustrating. It depends on how the problem occurred - what sometimes happens is the frontend stopped communicating with the backend, so whilst it appeared to be working it wasn’t actually saving the data. Was the preview updating whilst you were working on it?

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I’m not sure. I think I was mostly not looking at the preview when I had the problem.

Actually, this seems to still be happening for me. Is the workaround to keep the preview open and make sure it’s always updating?

Yeah, we’re working on some UI changes so you’re alerted to such problems in parallel with actually trying to solve the underlying issue.