Projects getting mistakenly suspended for mining, can't email support

My project moosic (and a test one with similar code moosic-oof) got suspended for mining, even though it is a Discord bot and has no mining system.

“project moosic suspended: No miners allowed. If you feel this has been an error, contact us at

I tried emailing as it said to do but I got an automated response telling me to make a topic here:

We’re sorry, but your email message to [“”] (titled Project mistakenly suspended as a miner) didn’t work.
Your account does not have the privileges to post new topics in that category. If you believe this is an error, contact a staff member. If you have an account on our forums you should login and create a support topic and we’ll follow up right away.

Hi @advaith sorry for the inconvenience; I took a quick look at your two projects and didn’t see anything amiss so I have unsuspended them both.

Let us know if you have further problems.

Thanks! Btw I’m not completely sure but it might be caused by someone trying to make it play from this URL:, might wanna look into that. Is there a way to avoid this happening in the future?

Is there a place that lists all the reasons why someone might be banned?

Hey @anon24070956 we basically check for suspicious behavior periodically and suspend projects that fall into a couple of different categories of “suspicious”. We won’t publish the exact parameters because we don’t want to make it easy for nefarious projects to work around our filters, but suffice it to say that we don’t get many reports of false positives. If that changes then we’ll adapt our algorithm as needed.