Projects Loading Slowly or Not At All

thanks for the info, just posted the info on my site’s status too :+1:

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Your very welcome, I did the same :smile:

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As well as loading slow & not at all, some are showing a 404 page when the url is correct.

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thanks for your patience! this issue should now be resolved.

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Projects are still loading slowly. And some projects are still down


Same, I’m having issues too!


Okay! My blog is down currently, usually caused by Glitch.


Again, third time, after it said it’s ‘Resolved’, it’s not. Pls help


Still not up - 3rd time today


Lol my bot does a countdwon for 1pm PDT so it showed that percise time it crashed(its off by at most 20 seconds


Also you shouldn’t get upset at the glitch team. Critical changes are needed to boost the capabilties of glitch. Some things will work for low loads of data but not for higher loads

Status of my project:
It is no longer able to be found on the subdomain. My custom domain ( redirects to for some reason and spams the refresh while showing the glitch loading screen. I can still connect to my project via vscode
Edit: Project is UP!

The API response time has returned to normal, but the project container seems to be having a terrible fit than yesterday!

And I have a large number of emails from UptimeRobot about monitors going up and down!

Screenshot 2020-03-24 at 10.38.48 AM

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Hey all,

Just checking in. Thanks so much for riding out this bumpy road with us! I know those Uptime Robot alerts can be annoying (support had a few we were using and received the flood of notifications as well).

Our team is heads down right now trying to make sure we can implement fixes that stick! Because of this, we are keeping the status page as-is until we are more confident that things are stabilized.

As of right now, projects should be loading. If anyone has a project that is stuck, please send a message to We are ready to respond and help you get back to glitching!

I also noticed that isnt working.

Thanks for pointing that out! That is a URL we need to adjust. I let the team know.

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