Projects Not Loading!

my project was a discord bot and it stopped suddenly. now im trying to edit project but its not loading. the project stuck on loading project…project name: storm-gruyere

Hi @Sharpesty

I am sorry that your bot stopped suddenly! Can you try remixing it? If you can’t get a remixed version to work, let us know!

pls help
project name: storm-gruyere

@Sharpesty I am able to get it to load now. Is it working for you now as well?

@tasha Yes is working but my second bot is not working.
Pls help
project name: luna-bott

Thanks for the update @Sharpesty ! There is an issue right now with some projects still not fully loading. Our team is working on a fix. When this happens, we will update our Status Page. In the meantime, thanks for your patience!