Projects Not Loading


So, My Project won’t load on my PC, It gets stuck on the loading screen. It has now for about 2 weeks and I don’t know what to do, It always loads on my laptop though. Can anyone help me?


to help us debug this, can you try opening up the project on your PC in an incognito window? does that work?


No, Does the same thing.


I was seeing the same error. My package.json had 2 problems:

  "name": "Blah Blah",
  "description": "Blah" +
  1. name property can’t include spaces or capital letters. This was causing Glitch logs to constantly print “parse error on line 5, column 0”. Admittedly, Glitch UI could be better. The “Logs” button wasn’t showing an error, it was just constantly trying to re-build the project.
  2. description value can’t be spread across 2 lines.

It sounds like OP’s problem may be different, since it works on laptop but not desktop, but I’m just posting this in case it helps out someone else.


If it works on your laptop but not your desktop, whatever is different between the two must be the problem. Are you using the same browser and version on both? How are they connected to the internet?


some other things you can try are

  • clearing your browser cache
  • disabling any browser extensions you’ve got that also are active on incognito windows

also, can you open other projects on your PC? Or do all projects not load there?


It is the same browser & version. My Laptop is a MacBook Pro and my PC Is
Custom. It used to work on my PC but it doesn’t anymore. My Laptop is
connected to the Internet by whatever MacBooks use and my PC is connected
to the Internet by a Wireless Connector for now as I don’t have a WiFi card
for it yet.


And I can’t open any projects