Promise stays "pending" forever when i try role.setMentionable() with Discord.js

In 3 Glitch projects, a specific Promise does not “resolve” and stays in “pending” status forever.
I tested the same code 5 times: 4 Glitch projects and hosted in my computer.
The Promise worked as expected only in 1 Glitch project and in my pc.

client.on("ready", async () => {
  console.log(`Ready for ${client.users.size} users.`);
  var role = client.guilds.get("532013812900036618").roles.get("549972568195727371");
  console.log("m0 ",;
  await role.setMentionable(true, "test1"); //problem is here
  console.log("m1 ", role.mentionable);
  let chat_log = client.channels.get("537086106408321024");
  await chat_log.send("I am online! <@&549972568195727371>");
  await role.setMentionable(false, "test2");
  console.log("m2 ", role.mentionable);

The “m1” and “m2” messages doesn’t log because the first await does not resolve.

All other promises are working as expected, and only this one is being problematic.
I tried everything to try to get around the problem, but I didn’t find out the cause or how to solve it.

I tried on Eris API, and the problem goes on. I accept help…

EDIT: Apparently the problem is “gone”.