Protocol for the "Ask For Help" feature

Is there a way to communicate with potential helpers before inviting them to edit?

And is the expectation that you ask for help when actively working on the app yourself so that you’ll notice people who show up to help? And click “stop asking” when you go afk? Or even if you’re working in another tab, since there are no notifications, right?

I’m excited to use this feature more, in both directions!


Not yet, but this is an area we’d like to do more work on in the future. Right now, you can use ‘thanks’ as a measure of trustworthiness at the very least, but we know it’s not enough alone.

Notifications are also something we’d like to explore in the future. As you said, currently the assumption is that you’re actively editing when someone comes in and asks for help, and then you’ve got to remove them from the project when they’re done. We also want to improve this flow in the future as well.