Provide a way to really choose a node version

Hi all,

Actually, Glitch provides a way to choose it but within a limited versions list.

Is there a real reason behind that limitation?

When we really need a newer version, we need to wait the version “approval” by the Glitch team… or getting around by a NPM script which works but costing in memory/time.

  "scripts": {
    "start": "./.nave/installed/13.3.0/bin/node app/server.js",
    "install": "nave install 13.3.0"

It isn’t in the interest of the Glitch user nor in the interest of Glitch itself.

Then why not to really let the choice, please?

Higher node versions, like you said, are possible but not great. You have my vote, more versions should be supported.

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I agree with that! Version 13 would be quite nice.

a nice dropdown in the editor like the one for adding packages would be useful

Screen Shot 2020-09-25 at 12.02.15 PM

FYI Such a button does not exist, I was just giving an idea on how it should be!


That’d be cool…


Hum, I don’t share the Choose Node Version idea, because it also pushes to a limited versions list.

My proposal is to simply replace the install behavior (which is already installing node based on the engine property, but with a true version choice), based by example on nave.