Proxo: A whole new reverse proxy built on Flask

Proxo - Remaking Reverse proxies

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Proxo is a Python flask project aiming to make reverse proxying better and easier. Proxo is currently a small project and isn’t very stable.


Deprecated steps

This will copy my developement version of proxo which I sometimes use to do other things

  1. Make a copy of this project on glitch: download the code if you are running it locally)

Current Steps(with github):

  1. Download a release from github and copy all the files in Proxo-Someversion to your glitch directory
  2. Open and find the line that defines the origins variable
  3. Find the line that has the main origin and set it to the url of your origin server. This can be a external server or a server on the same machine(use localhost or to maximize speed).
  4. If you are in glitch the app will automatically restart and mirror your origin and you are done. If you are deploying locally proceed to step 5
  5. Find the line that starts with "start": and copy the command in the quotes and run it to start the server(optionally configure the port in
    You’re done! Your proxy is now setup.


To be written


The only possible ways of crashing are either the logging fails because there are so many workers or the app gets a request that isn’t a POST or GET.
For now the applicaton assumes all origin servers send the Content-Type header, so it will crash if your server is very minimal.

For future reference

In the future(by I mean very soon), I will start pointing everyone to a github release page to install Proxo instead of the glitch project because I will continue to use it for developement. I will provide everyone with a script that installs any Proxo you want from the release page.

For fun

See releases
I used proxo to make a mirror of github and for fun. I just love to make web proxies!

Install Script

It’s work in progress

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