Proyect suspend

My project (esponjosin) was suspended reason:
Error while preparing the project. Please contact Glitch Support.

Check #1 here:

I already checked, my project does not load directly I get thisimage

Just email and they will take a look at it.

Hi esponjosin,

Taking a look at this now.

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Thank you very much <3

I’ve unsuspended the project. It looks like you were running out of disk space, which can interfere with the project successfully starting. It looks like there are a lot of compiled files, you might want to check that they aren’t getting included by Git (which can use up a lot of space).

Consider adding files to .gitignore to save space and to avoid this issue!

Ooh, yeah, I gotta .gitignore things too, I have a YouTube downloader and converter, and it has a mode where it stores the audio file temporarily so you can access it a little later in another request, but git might take all of the audio files being created and deleted as changes it needs to store, thanks you @dluxemburg @RiversideRocks !

Sounds good! Just be careful about using youtube downloads as they are against the youtube TOS!

I never distribute the content I download, it’s just personal use.