PSA: Choose a very strong password

Off-topic but the person who tried to get into his website reading this: :eye: :lips: :eye:

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It is what it is, people. :eye::lips::eye:

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I would love to unsee that emoji…


You can’t unsee it, it is what it is. https://👁️👄👁️.fm

(Just a friendly joke, don’t flag this as spam!)

It isn’t actually, it’s a campaign for funding towards racial justice. Began as a Twitter/TikTok trend.

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In that case I think the marketing team needs a big raise.

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Your connection is not private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from xn– (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more


No, actually they stopped selling merchandise (which was how they got their income) because they reached their goal of $200000+

Is it called simcast?


It’s perfectly normal for me, it’s secure and in case you don’t believe me or the website (I don’t blame you for that), you can search for “it is what it is”, “:eye::lips::eye:” and “@itiseyemoutheye” (on Twitter). It’s actually famous right now.

And I’m going off-topic.

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Is it owned by Microsoft?

Are we talking about the same website :rofl:

I don’t know, that’s a strange question to ask. :thinking::joy:

This is what I get redirected to, that why I said shady news site.

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That’s definitely weird. Anyway, we should we stop this discussion although I very much enjoyed it!


And since we are off topic, I just want to know what happened to @J-Tech-Foundation?

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Aka @Jonyk56, he got GitPod unlimited so basically he’s somewhere in the GitPod servers.

I see. :sob:

First we are talking about strong passwords now we are talking about some shady news site. Now we are talking about @J-Tech-Foundation
How off topic can you get :laughing: :smile: