PSA: Please don't self promote to people who need help


I’m making this post not because I am trying to call anybody out but because I wanted to say something about the recent self promotions in threads where people are asking for help. For example:

A good and helpful response.

A not so helpful response.

Again, I’m not making this post to call anyone out, I just wanted to make sure that we can help people who are new to Glitch or need aid during the outages the best we can.

~ Riverside Rocks


Tag them so we know who to look for

That would be calling them out. @ClearlyElevated.

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I think it’s OK when someone needs e.g. a pinging service or UptimeRobot isn’t working for them and you can route them to your project or someone elses (usually I give a few options), that will actually help them, but I don’t think people should do it if the problem has already been solved or giving them your project has no relation to the question (e.g. won’t help them)


I’m pretty confused because I have not seen you self promoting?

He/she meant tag the people who are doing it.

I doesn’t promote any of these stuff. I will give to a user with a helpful and a good response.

@RiversideRocks, I feel like there’s something missing from this post. It doesn’t really convey why one kind of response is better or more helpful than the other.

Specific to the example in the screenshots, one might figure out that it’s weird to recommend a ping service when ping services are blocked. But that’s not a generalizable reason to support the idea that all recommendations are less helpful, nor is it related to recommending specifically one’s own solutions either.

I have my own feelings about self-promotion, but I’m not posting this to express any disagreement. I just want to read something well reasoned.

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I would like to rephrase the original post and make it address the issue on how to give a good response to a topic, and not just the “self-promoting for an answer” issue.

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