PWA starter pack issue 2

Hey guys so in my last post I explained how the landscape for the app it makes wasnt working but now I have another problem. By default the home page updates whenever you make an update or change but the install web page doesn’t. I am having a hard time finding where the pages are stored I changedthe package.json main but it had no affect. I copyied the index.hrml file and its whole entirety and the page still doesnt have that clean autoreload on update by default. Plus another issue is there are buttons like the install button that when pressed send you to a new page but I dont even see that in any of the code I have looked through one might think its a button dgb it uses js when you click it but I see legit nothing that references it in the js files. It could very well be that the files I need to edit are files I can’t access :confused:

You know its bad when dgb pulls out a whole essay :skull:

so far the only real solution I have had was to just put everything on the index page but that would be inefficient for users :thinking:

a whole 24 hours without a reply or a heart is everyone gone or busy :((

Hey, I’m having a bit of trouble understanding your issue, plus, it would help if you shared some code.

Alreeady shared didnt I?

This is the template im using

Can you share the code that’s giving you issues? You mentioned something about the homepage refreshing, could you share the code that’s doing that?

If I knew where the issue was I wouldnt be here lol

if you read my big essay you will understand

I can always dumb it down if needed

I’ve read through it. Is your first issue the fact that your app doesn’t update when you make code changes in the editor?

where is auto updating code stored @

yeah only the home page is updating

The code that pushes the code from the editor in your browser to the website?

yeah its not pushing on other pages besides the home page/index html

My best guess is that the pages are being cached on your device when you view the web page. That being said, I don’t know a lot about PWAs and how browser caching will vary.

Can you try clearing your browser cache?

I was using the mobile app PWA to test but a reload updates the site

So reloading fixes the issue? Or just on the home page?