Python file not running in background

Hi, whenver I close the window or switch sites, the python file won’t run anymore. In there is python3 but it isn’t starting the bot. I have to manually do python3 in console. Please help

Hi @Daksh777, have you tried implementing something like UptimeRobot? I know that a lot of the Discord bots use it. I think the default behavior for Glitch sites is that they power down when they aren’t being interacted with (to save space amidst all the other projects that they share space with) but UptimeRobot pings that site frequently enough to keep your project up and running.

I am using UptimeRobot but it isn’t helping. Oh and also I am hosting a telegram bot

Hm, interesting. It sounds like a python version issue, potentially. Do you have a glitch.json file that you’re using, or are you just using the requirements.txt setup?

I only have requirements.txt

Hey @Infinity1231if you have UptimeRobot configured I’d expect that to be keeping your project up and running your python command. Do you have a project name we can take a look at? Can you share a screenshot of your UptimeRobot config?

I use cula and it pings every 2 minutes. My project name is jh0ker-mau-mau-bot