Python Version Downgrade?

Is there a chance that a container configuration was deployed that rolled back the python3 version to 3.5 from 3.7?

I have a project that all the sudden is failing to install version-pinned dependencies from pip3 because they target a newer version of Python. The container is reporting python3 corresponds to Python 3.5.2 (default, Apr 16 2020, 17:47:17). I could have sworn this used to correspond to Python 3.7.x and this downgrade would explain my issues…

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Hi @FlantasticDan I’m sorry for the confusion! Our team was making some system updates that caused this to happen. 3.7 should be available again by tomorrow. I will post an update here when that happens.


@FlantasticDan so I can confirm that this related to the system update, can you please tell me the name of your project so I can take a closer look? If you prefer, you can send me this info via a support request.

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It’s affected a few remixes of and including gcal-self-invite. I’ve retrofitted a few of them to continue operating under 3.5 but gcal-self-invite remains untouched. If there’s anything else I can do to help, let me know…

Thanks! I’ll review this with my colleagues and then get back to you.


@FlantasticDan the issue with your project should be fixed now.
If you are still seeing the project error, let me know!

@tasha Sorry for the delay, everything appears to be working now. Thanks to you and your team for fixing this so quickly!

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