Question about assets

I was checking this!/assets-lib and thought “Would I be able to get logs using assets?” but I’m not quite sure.

Here is my project!/snitch-kun

I know I’m doing something wrong either in the code or setting it up because of the GET. Any guidance is appreciated.

Timezone -03, so I might not reply fast depending on the time.

I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to do or which project file you’re referring to, but all assets-lib does is make files in assets accessible via a relative path when referenced in your front-end code. It won’t help with logs unless you have uploaded a log file to assets that you’re wanting to provide a relative link to.

Check this out

I even created a sample file but still gives me the same warning. So would I be able to upload files to assets via command or is there something I’m doing wrong?

In which project file are you including assets-lib and what’s the URL to your log file?

I’m not using assets-lib yet, that is what I was asking. The project generates log finales that are attached to the glitch’s url, so IP/logs/fileID, but since the Project URL kind of server as our IP, I used the project URL, which doesn’t work and is what I’m trying to figure out. I mentioned assets because I thought I could change the code and use it to fetch logs stored there, but maybe that was just nonsense and I can achieve what I want without using it. Also not sure where “/” is at, so maybe what I wanted to do can’t be done using Glitch. config.js:77 sets up the log path.

Maybe I should edit the thread’s title if it turns out I was just talking nonsense about assets.

I didn’t understand the second question.

Thanks for your time.