Question about copyright

Since the glitch logo is copyrighted, can i make my own glitch logo and use it freely in my products?
Because, it is basically my logo, not glitch’s one :confused:
So, this is the copyrighted glitch logo:
And this is the one i want to use (Which i made):

@glitch_staff can you help?

Probably online if you draw that from scratch.

I drawn it from scratch, does that mean i can use it?

But that looks almost like the Glitch logo! I can see you running into legal trouble for this.

you can actually see the eyes are smaller, the grandients are out of place, some parts are wiggly.
Can you spot the differences?

Hey, I am not an art critic! I can only spot

. Why are you so desperate about using it anyway?

i’m not gonna reveal it publicly until i release the beta!
…unless you wanna help

btw here’s comparison:

Even thought you redrew it its recognizable as the Glitch Logo so you aren’t allowed to use it.

As you would expect, we are invested in protecting our logo from being used incorrectly or inappropriately. So, we ask that you do not alter our logo. This includes compressing it, distorting it, or re-drawing it. Please see the Brand Assets zip drive ( if you need samples of our official logo. Also know that we may revoke permission to use our logo at any time and at our sole discretion.


You can also get permission to use their assets for specific things via or! :slight_smile: