Question about pinging

Hello, I have a bot online currently. I am using a few lines of added code to check the status of my http url so basically it pings it i beleive to see if its active every 5 mins. it wasnt turning on until i boosted it. will i get suspended for doing so even if i am boosted? or does that only apply for free users?

The permanent ping block applies to all glitch users regardless of wether they have paid or not.

I feel like that’s why my projects are bugging out now. I just removed all ping services and they still won’t load

While I understand the ping service can be annoying, using “gay” as an insult is highly frowned upon.

Just be patient, the Glitch team is likley working very hard to fix bugs here and there.

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i would try and avoid being against glitch staff, they have been working night and day to get glitch back online- and it isn’t cheap to run