Question about the api

So I Am Making A Glitch Bot That Join Project And Check If There Is A Error

Is There A API For Glitch To Join Project

What does the bot do specifically,because its suspicious to just ask about the api without saying what the bot does

Hi there - we don’t have a public API for joining projects like that, no.


It join project and check err

Check err what?

Do people give you the project links or does it find them automatically? Its pretty easy to check for errors in your own project…

Is there any way other an api

If there is an error in project it sends it to discord webhook

I want to make they put acces token and they enter project domain and it checks if there is any error

Other than through the API, maybe you could use something like puppeteer to do it through a browser. That would be kind of heavy weight though.


Or Selenium, but make sure you are following the TOS on automation.