Question about the discord IP bans

Hi! So I’ve been noticing that the hosts hosting my projects have been getting banned kinda frequently. Does anyone know when this could stop happening as much or maybe stop?

@IH8M2 says this might help
Discord bot not connecting or 429 status code

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So that happens if I go over 1000 logins an hour? I’ve at most logged in 12 times in one hour.

Not sure but if you want you could try my simple method, since it doesnt require any effort (just adding 1 simple line) and see if it helps you.

Discord and glitch always have had some problems with each other so at some point we’ll run out of solutions, but the easiest one is remixing the project, deleting the old one and using the new one.

Good luck!

Remixing may seem like abuse. Also there is a small chance you end up on the same IP due to IP changing twice everyday

Thats true but, letting the staff move the project to a new host isnt quite the fastest method.

I’d rather not remix every time this happens. I’m just hoping it will stop happening as much.

IP bans are not your fault*, and there isn’t much you can do about them. They are caused by people who use glitch to abuse the Discord APIs.

*unless you spam


oh ok. I just wish this would stop happening lol.

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Would love it if @glitch_support could get into contact with Discord to sort out a better solution for Glitch projects that are spamming on Discord. I am sure Discord would be happy to identify if a bot that is spamming is a Glitch project and send something over to Glitch for them to deal with that individual project. Would make life a lot easier round here on the forum and for others who have their projects banned for no reason :joy:


about 100-500, I think, projects use the same IP so there is no project IP it would be server IP

here’s an idea,also check out We need to fix the discord ban mega-thread whenever a discord request is sent add a request header like project: projectname to tell discord which project is using it’s api and discord can send the names of the bad projects for glitch to suspend. Problem is with https it’s hard to change the headers because of encryption.

Whoa there. It is not really necessary now, because it is hard to ping projects

I don’t think merging with a multi million dollar website is necessary. But what they can do, is grab the token and suspend it. It would be a lot easier.


shouldn’t they just ban the bot or give a warning to the dev?

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Banning the bot would be a good idea, however, the owner could just use their server to make a new one. Banning the server in theory is more efficient.


Ban the developer’s account? Log the developers ip when they make a token and ban the ip? Lots of options.

That’s the method I thought of. Not IPs as that isn’t a thing. I never said they would use the IPs to identify


Why log the developer’s IP?

So if they come back to create a new token with the same IP they can’t cause they spammed. (yes, I know there are simple ways to get around this, but that’s the same for banning the host IP too)

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Instead of sending extra properties like project name or user name etc, Glitch can add the X-Forwarded-For header. And Discord could trust the Glitch’s proxy. That way Glitch could determine which users are bad and which are good.

That is a potential much easier method of doing it, because Discord already have trusted proxies. Adding Glitch’s is a small task.

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