Question about the request limit

I have read that only 4000 http requests can be made to the project within an hour, But does it still count if the server refuses the connection with a 403 error or something similar? I would like to cap the requests to a certain resource at a limit, but if the connection still counted, there is no reason to try.

I have made a bot in lua a while back and i want to convert it to a server… But it uses a library called discordia and its only on github, how do i require it?

Yes, the requests will still be counted. They’re counted as they pass through our infrastructure, and that’s before your code receives them.

I don’t know how to include libraries in lua. If it helps, you do have git in the container, so you could go to the console and do a git clone of the library’s repo into your project.

Good idea ill try that, thanks for this great support time… Could you eventually add some way to process and deny a request?

No luck, the library was originally designed for luvit it also says it cant find it, though its there

Sorry for all these mini-questions, Im trying to run a lua file from a js file… Is it possible?