Quick.db problems getting the information of a key replied to me

The key is called “dungeon”. In the code I wrote:


and this is what the bot answers me:

[object Object] 

Moderators aren’t answering in the support server…

let dungeon = await db.fetch(`dungeon`);
await message.channel.send(dungeon);

[object Object] means you sent an array or a json instead of a text

How to make it text?

Idk how to use that, can u make an example?

Can you copy and paste here the value of dungeon ?


Yeah, that’s a JSON, you can’t send a JSON as JSON in a Discord message. But if you really want to send it you can make the JSON a string, it will send the JSON as a string.

how to do that? .toString()?



THHHHXXXX With that, I could realize what’s was my main problem! Now my bot is complete!

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