Quick.db v7.0.0-b22 not working

whenever i try to use v7 of quick.db on glitch, it installs and everything but it doesn’t actually work whenever i try to do something with it

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I think Glitch definitely should improve their so-called “package-searching” feature. I have recently been facing a lot of issues with it, you see I use Glitch on my multiple projects and I have to manage my dependencies, however, that is not possible, manually or using the Glitch’s in-built search.
I am happy to manually install the packages/dependencies, but Glitch is not optimized for that. So I have to use the in-built package-search feature, which is again, not optimized. I think it’s not just me who is facing the issue, the whole community wants improvement with that.
I hope Glitch will take an action to improve their search-package feature.
Instead of focusing on new feature, it would be great if they can focus on the basic and existing feature and best them.

What error do you get when it doesn’t work? Can it not find the package, or is the package behaving unexpectedly?

Hi @TheNoob27, welcome to the Glitch forum!

As @househaunt notes, we’ll need to know more about the problems you’re seeing before we can offer any suggestions. Your project name might also help.

@chroventer we definitely want to improve package management in the future. Right now we’re relying on libraries.io for package search which generally works well but has a few problems. Stay tuned for improvements in that functionality, although I can’t say when we might get to them.


if i try to use v7.0.0, it just does nothing
nothing works whenever i upgrade, even though the installation goes as planned in logs and console

thenoob27-billy ?
let me know if that’s the wrong thing