Quick-deploy, ultimate function extender


npm link coming soon.

quick-deploy is a fast extension to most of your favorite packages!

some of these include:

  • discord.js
  • expressjs
  • and more coming soon!

most of the packages added will be user recommended and will have the public source code strait on Gitlab and Github.

to suggest something, just comment

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What does this project?

? sorry, i do not understand

if you are asking what it does…
it removes the need for most packages and allows deployments that only take a millisecond to take effect

That’s really cool! Can you give a summary of what tech it uses/how it works? This is an exciting idea, well done!

And what are the packages included, other than discord.js and express? It’s interesting since it eliminates the need to install many packages and just one package for all the basic packages. It could be handy in creating projects quickly.

Okay, maybe I’ve put it wrong. The question is ‘What is the purpose of the project?’

I’ve been installing node modules/packages for 3 years using npm i -[s|D] <module1> <module2> ... command. Why I should change my opinion to use your project?

Also, how does this work? I see only some fancy config loading in the code.

For me, I have a cli-web-bootstrap module, which allows you to choose one of the web frameworks and it will install all the dependencies for you and also create a bootstraped index.js. (https://github.com/jarvis394/create-node-app)

Also, nodejs applications generator has already been created - https://yeoman.io/

well, all packages added are by suggestion!

a summary of how it works:

quick-deploy works by re-engineering your usual packages and making them better.
note: it does deploy to a webserver if used by nodemon, using almost no memory

yea, its not done yet, the fancy config is just for production, it comes with 2 modes,
not dev, but beta and production.

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will explain more in 40 min