Randirect - The perfect place to find and share Glitch projects

Project URL: https://randirect.glitch.me

@anon70439135 and I made this. You add glitch project on and people click a button that takes them to a random project (which could be yours). This is a great way to get random people interested in your project and get interested in random projects.

I dunno, this took like one day and it uses the glitch style, but it’s ok.


When I tried to add a working project, it says Project Not Found and I’m unable to add it. :man_shrugging:

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is it a private project?

Not at all. And none of my public projects are found, how is that?

i don’t know, lemme check the code…

it has issues rn, i’m checking it out

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And @random, I think you ran out of Project Hours, Glitchchord isn’t running anymore.

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it’s https://glitchchordapp.glitch.me/ now.

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@khalby786 we changed the name to glitchchordapp.glitch.me for reasons i can’t type

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Nice stuff! There is a bug where it doesn’t check for the full project name I typed, just one character less - I typed “make8bitart” but the last request was for “make8bitar” so I typed a space and then “make8bitart” was successfully requested and validated.


umm, randirect is kind of broken right now…

This is similar to https://glitchfindr.glitch.me that my friend and I made! We were going to check if the project exists too but realized we don’t know how the glitch API works lol


oh, no problem! here u go:

  .then(function(e) {
    return e.text();
  .then(function(e) {

glitch supports cors (cross-origin resource sharing) so you can make an xml/fetch request from another server

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From external websites which are not Glitch projects, too?

i’m not sure, maybe it’s just from glitch domains

login with glitch might be possible!!!