Random container reset, or just console reset?

So Im using console and midnight commander a lot for some stuff and every session restarts at some point, sometime in the middle of editing, so it shouldnt be due to inactivity, I guess.

Is it whole container or just console related? Is it random, or could it possibly be caused by midnight commander, or perhaps by leaving browser tab, or maybe by switching to another app and putting browser in the background process, or it is due to some automated glitch.com process performing some cleanup or something?

I’d guess that it’s something to do with how might commander works on Glitch, as we haven’t seen any similar problems when working with the console directly. If you let us know the project name where this happens then we’ll take a look. If your project is private, either make it public temporarily or DM me a join link. Thanks.

Thanks. Android, Chrome… Im almost certain one part of these restarts, even when running plain console without mc, is related to leaving console browser tab for a while by going to another tab or by switching to another app and then returning back to the browser and console tab sometime later. But this doesn’t worry me, I thought its due to Android system manager freeing up memory.

Restarts when Im actually using console, typing something in mc editor, are more pressing.issue for me, but if no one else is complaining about the same problem it must be mc, something related to misinterpretation of input conrol sequences I guess. So dont worry about it, I should be able to figure it out from here, but you are sure welcome to take a look in any case:


Midnight commander can be started by typing “mc” right after console opens.