Random Installing Stopped My Bot

Hello. My Discord bot randomly started to run some updates. It only started to do this a few days ago and have destroyed by bots latency (response time). Today, it ran a similar burst of this installing and it actually caused my bot to crash since it can’t find a file as seen in the second image.


dungeonrammoderationbotdapper is the name and on private mode. Any ideas why and what?

Hi @SwimmingWhale,

Thanks for your report. I am sorry this is happening within your project!

Yesterday, our team identified an issue that was causing some projects to reinstall all dependencies when waking up. This issue should now be resolved. If you continue to see this problem in your project, let us know!


Whatever that installing did has caused this error with my bot which I don’t know how to fix since I don’t have access to all those little node files.

Thanks for letting us know!

Can you hop over to the main thread where this is being discussed? There you should find help on how to resolve that error.


The main thread is considered to be solved and closed yet my issue continues to happen. I need this fixed soon if possible.