Random parsing error after porting code to glitch

Hello, I just ported my bot from it being hosted locally to glitch and I am suddenly getting an error.



This error doesn’t appear locally and everything works fine there.

Have you tried refreshing or cat file.ext in console? Glitch editor may not be in sync, so the compiler sees the old version of the file, but you don’t.

I have just now, but, error now shows on the file itself.


BigInt is supported from Node version 10.4.0

Try upgrading the node version in the package.json , to match the same version as used locally.


  "engines": {
    "node": "12.x"

its annoying that no one every replies with a simple hey thanks! or it worked! they just get their help and head on their way… frustrates me seeing this all of the time here.

it may be a support method of glitch. but i view it as a community as well as a support site. considering glitch doesnt have much of a community