Random Reboots?

I’m making a discord bot and i keep it alive 24/7 by Uptime Robot and I’m experiencing this weird issue.

Every so often my bot will go offline randomly. I dont know why but i heard if my project gets 4000 pings an hour it restarts itself. What could be causing it to reboot?

According to glitch help(https://glitch.com/help/restrictions/) your project is supposed to show a 429 error if you get too much requests not restart. Maybe since the 429 error is shown so the requests don’t go to your project. This would probaly cause it to go offline.

The question is, does a ping exceeding the rate limit, count as a request to keep the project awake.

@MrDiamond64, Uptime Robot pings your website every 5 minutes. And Glitch projects that are running continuously for more than 12 hours are stopped, and they wake again when the project receives another HTTP request. So your project is kept alive for 12 hours and then it is stopped but it starts again after 5 minutes (because that Uptime Robot’s next ping) and again alive for 12 hours and stopped for 5 minutes again…and this goes on. The bot just goes out for 5 minutes, it should become online after that.

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but it happens multiple times

If your project was receiving multiple requests, it would give an error when you try access the webpage stating that the project has received too many requests, if you suspect that is the issue, next time the bot goes offline, check the projects webpage and see if it gives a Too many requests error, if not, then the problem may lie somewhere else! As stated by @khalby786, all glitch projects do restart every 12 hours as long as they get a requests after going offline on the 12th hour. It may help to check your projects console for errors whenever your bot goes offline if you can get there quick enough, as there may be a code issue causing this too happen aswell!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

If your project suffers a error that makes it unable to continue running, the process will terminate and on the next uptime robot ping, it will startup again.