Re-instate project name?



I had a glitch project URL that I am using as a public app available through my team’s blog.
A couple of days ago, I made major changes to the project in a remix, and then I wanted the original one to be a copy of the remix. So I:

  1. Deleted the original project
  2. Tried to remix the remixed version and rename it to the name of the original

However, this didn’t work, and someone on Twitter mentioned that old project names can’t be re-used.
Is it possible to re-instate that project name?

The name would be “elevr-office-net”.

Thank you so much!


I changed the deleted project entry. You should now be able to rename your new version. In the future you can do this yourself by renaming the old one before deleting it.


Thank you very much, Tim!
I was able to rename a remix to the original ‘elevr-office-net’ name.

I am happy to use the workaround you mentioned!
Do you know if it will always be the case that deleted project names cannot be reused?

Thank you again for the help!