React-starter project doesn't support "import" syntax

I have a React app that was remixed from the react-starter Glitch project.

I’m trying to add a React component that someone else wrote, which uses the newer useState hooks. But I get an error when it compiles.

ERROR in ./app/components/Editable.js
9:25 AM
Module build failed (from /rbd/pnpm-volume/0c1a5ae5-3b65-4e10-95f2-b755cf5e245e/node_modules/
9:25 AM
Error: Parse Error: Line 1: Illegal import declaration

Some StackExchange articles point out ‘import’ requires Babel, but I think it’s using webpack instead. This is where I’m completely lost, and have no idea if i need to add babel, or I can use require instead of import.

I already updated React to 16.13 from 16.8