React To Posts With Emoji Plugin


Everyone familiar with Discord knows about reacting with emojis to messages. Well, what if we had such a thing for this Discourse forum? Sometimes an emoji reaction is worth a post and can save valuable time rather than typing. They say, “an emoji is worth a 1000 words”.

Introducing the all new (not really new) Discourse plugin for Slack-style reaction to posts!

ⓘ This plugin is stable, supported and works with the latest Discourse.

I like this idea but want to make sure it’s a friendly and helpful addition to the forum - what emojis do y’all think we should allow in the set if we were to install this?



Or the ones that GitHub uses?


How about that set, without the thumbs down, laugh and confused faces?

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I find confused and laugh useful for github!

The thumbs down would be useful for #feature-ideas , the laugh is for stuff that is funny, and the confused face is for like if you are confused.

This is how I think about it, but yes, I can tell you are thinking about it in a bad way like the laughing one can be used to make fun of someone, etc. But I think the glitch community is friendly enough to not do that.

I think an experiment should be done. Use all of those emojis that @khalby786 suggested, but if people use this for bullying, then remove them. After all, people can already reply with negative stuff, and you can’t take away replys.


I’ll talk to the team about it! But I just want to be up front that I am very much against introducing downvoting-esque reactions in the forum. I very much prefer giving context to users with words vs. expecting them to parse what an emoji that is vague and/or negative means.