Real custom domains for paid members

I have some boosted apps that I’d like to host on custom subdomains, and the current solutions are not working too well:

  • Getting even 2 “thanks” to be able to use the built-in feature is difficult, as few users are asking for help.
  • have deprecated their “Sites” feature which could be used for assigning a custom domain to a Glitch project, and although it still works it’s slow and often produces errors.

Would it be possible to map a CNAME directly to a Glitch project served over HTTPS?

Right now, Glitch have not allowed this option. I thought that I would never be able to get 2 thanks, but eventually I did a few weeks ago. You can still access hostnames, what’s needed to add your domain to on their website, but unfortunately, removed another functionality in their service that allowed for custom domains with Glitch, the CDN. I emailed them asking if there was another way to access it and Kurt replied this:

There is no other way at the moment than getting two thanks. And anyway, you will be getting something back for helping the community. I doubt Glitch will add this for boosted projects, as I think they have a lot of other things on their ‘road-map’ that are more important
Edit: That was the full email :joy: I didn’t cut it off!


I agree with you, paying is definitely a way to prove that you are not a spammer. The thanks feature is becoming a bit outdated because there is very little use for it as most of the help happens on the forum. You have my invisible vote!


I agree with @RiversideRocks, the thanks feature is simply nowadays just something on the side; you’ll have my vote!


We could build our own reverse proxy using heroku which has custom domains. Using the host header of the request we can determine which origin to reroute the request to. The only issue is that I can’t use custom domains for heroku without a credit card. If anybody would like to support me with a unlocked-heroku account I could make an app that works similarly to’s cdn feature and even better we can keep the host headers and other headers that fly strips out

I’m working on a public available reverse-proxy for Glitch alongside my CLI tool. If you want to do a collab that would be cool. I will be using the Caddy api for proxying and a node app to determine which things goes where, and I’m working on having a service for verifying if someone actually owns the domain, not so hard :slight_smile:

Edit: I’m having this as a side project until Glitch fixes their darn API issues.


Update on my previous post:

I’ve now been able to configure caddy to:

  1. Add new hosts to proxy (i.e. goes to
  2. The owner of the domain can also remove the reverse-proxy whenever they feel like it.

I’m now working on domain verification.

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