Really crappy code used to make login page won't work (What a suprise)

My project name is
you press the button and get sent to /trolled and press login or register then you get sent to /login or /register and the enter some form data and when you press submit, that’s where the problem starts. Now I don’t know where I messed up and how but I barely even understand my own code and some of it was made in chat gpt so I don’t see where the problem even starts. If you can help I’d appreciate this a lot.

What I’m trying to get it to do is make it go to /home when the credentials are correct.

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There are multiple bugs on your code, but I think that for the “/admin” route (file server.js, line 143) you should use “” and not “app.get”.

It dosen’t work.

The code seems working OK, just confirm that you are entering the correct key. Also, I hightly recommend that you put your registrations.db in your .gitignore, else anyone can read them.

Alright thank you but, how would I do that?

Create a .gitignore file with the contents:


Like just put “registrations.db” in text in the .gitignore file or what

Like just put “registrations.db” in text in the .gitignore file or what


Yes, put the text “registrations.db” in the file .gitignore


I can go to the /login page but when I actually login it won’t go to the /home page

I used res.redirect("/home") but that wont work
/home wont work at all even when I put it in my browser so I switched it to be /trolled(which works in the browser) but it does the same thing as /home

To which if I wait like 2 minuets it will respond with

Nevermind, I just had to put Return return res.redirect("/trolled");

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